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Monday, 19 August 2013

Don’t Take Away :*

 Just tell me now 
How I found Someone so willing 
So determined To fight for me
 Everything will be okay Is what you say 
Each and everyday And I believe it’s true
 Nothing will keep me from you
 Distance in miles But not in heart
 Don’t take my Feelings away I want this more, 
Than anything Tell me now Just how you feel 
Take my hand And say the words
 Look into my eyes
 And see my faith In all that you are In all that we can be In all that we are
 Don’t take my Feelings away 
Let this last I keep you close
 When I think About all I want 
You’re in my mind I don’t want you to, 
Fade away Stay close to me 
Take my hand Once again 
Follow me And just believe 
Everything that I say And that mean
 Don’t take my Feelings away When you’re near 
Whether screen or skin I know I’m better I can believe
 That I do deserve good And it’s you...!!! - 

 -E L J -