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Monday, 5 March 2012

The Best Day of My Life !!

The moment I saw you,
walk through those double doors,
I felt a strong connection,
from my heart to yours.

It was as if time had stopped,
when my eyes came upon you.
Everything but you and I stood still,
and our relationship had become anew.

I've never felt the way I did,
when you came into my sight.
I've never looked at you the way I had,
on that love-stricken night.

So many thoughts and feelings, 
ran through my mind.
While I frantically searched for a way,
to overcome that nervous time.

Sweat built on my hands,
and also on my face.
My heart was beating faster,
than its ordinary pace.

Butterflies flew in my stomach,
excitement circulated through my veins.
Ecstatic yet so shy on that night,
my love for you stood and still remains.

The best day of my life,
so far as I've been living.
You've no idea of what I've received from you,
and to this day you keep on giving.

You're by far the most wonderful girl I've ever met.
Too many qualities and great things about you to name.
I hope we stay together forever,
because life without you would never be the same.

BY : eryka lyssa & natasha john .. hohoho !!

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