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Saturday, 3 March 2012

friendship never end !

We were in kindergarten when we became friends
we made a packed we'd be friends till the end
playing on the playground swingin' on the swings
next thing we know we'd be teens

Telling secrets, talking about boys
Growing up, getting rid of all our toys
Talking to each other on the phone
Knowing that we'd never be alone

Your the person I can tell everything 
and you wouldn't laugh at me when I tried to sing
I could always be a dork with you
And you could be a dork with me too

And even when we had our fights
Some how we knew everything would be alright
Ya, sure we had our ups and downs
We shared our smiles and our frowns

But no matter what we stayed friends
You were here through the thick and thin
I love you more then words can say
and I wish you never had to go away

Even though you can't be here
I thank God for all the years
that we got to spend together
our friendship I will always Treasure!

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